BOXER - Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps


Among the features of BOXER diaphragm pumps one can define exceptional capacity, power and strength, which makes them ideal for pumping liquids with very high viscosity up to 50000 cPs (at 20°C), even if these liquids contain suspended solids.

Diaphragm pumps are characterized by dry self-priming capacity with considerable suction head, even if the pump is not full, fine tuning of speed without pressure loss, adjustable flow and head, and the possibility of continuous operation without overload and damage. In addition, a huge choice of construction materials allows selecting  optimum chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or the environment without neglecting the temperature range.

They are specifically designed for applications in high humidity or potentially explosive environments (ATEX certification).

Diaphragm pumps with pneumatic drive are designed for pumping abrasive, shear sensitive and viscous liquids. In addition, they excellently cope with heavy and flowing liquids.

BOXER - Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps


  • available in PP, PVDF, ECTFE, ALU and AISI 316;
  • used in potentially-explosive environments (ATEX certification);
  • suitable for severe conditions and high-humidity environments;
  • dry operation is allowed;
  • dry start up;
  • the drive is the energy of compressed air without using any particles of lubricant;
  • adjustable performance and operating suction head;
  • fine tuning of motor speed at constant pressure;
  • double-manifold option (two inlet and two outlet openings);
  • ground, wall or submersible installation;
  • three inlet and three outlet manifolds;
  • easy maintenance and parts replacement;
  • excellent performance, price/quality ratio.


  • Water treatment. Pumping test dosing of acids and alkalis for pH-control. Pumping flocculants, suspended solids, chemicals and sediments. Pumps are resistant to hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, and to many other aggressive substances.
  • Paint and varnish industry, and typography. Pumping paints based on solvents and water, inks, varnishes, adhesives, binding substances and solvents. In addition, such pumps can be also applied to pumping, spillbacking and mixing inks in printing.
  • Sanitary use. Pumping food products, such as soups, milk, yogurt, alcohol, dough, pasta and toothpaste. Service applications, such as spraying cleaning fluid in CIP (cleaning system).
  • Mechanical engineering. Pumping oil, grease, lubricants, coolants, liquids for washing and cleaning solvents and waste of production.
  • Paper industry. Pumping adhesive, sodium silicate, paints, titanium oxide, etc. Bleaching process, sampling and pumping sewage.
  • Chemical industry. Pumping all types of acids, alkalis, alcohols, solvents, products thaat are susceptible to coagulation, such as latex and emulsions, as well as chemical waste water.
  • Surface treatment. Pumping chemicals out of swimming pools, bathtubs and containers, for example, while etching, electroplating, degreasing, etc, as well as pumping wastewater.

The Way It Works

The Way It Works

The compressed air generates from the pneumatic exchanger (А) through one of the two diaphragms. It compresses and pushes the product into the outlet manifold (В). The fluid is intaken as a result of decreased pressure created by the opposing diaphragm (С) that is integrated with pneumatic exchanger. After each stroke, the pneumatic exchanger diverts the compressed air to the opposing diaphragm, and the cycle is reversed.<

Max. Viscosities 

Pump Model

Max. Viscosities  Expressed in CPS

Percentage of Flowrate decrease with Max.Viscosities
Microboxer 20000 80%
Miniboxer/B50 20000 85%
Boxer 80/81 25000 90%
Boxer 100 30000 85%
Boxer 150 35000-40000 90%
Boxer 250/251 45000-50000 90%
Boxer 502/503 45000-50000 90%

BOXER Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps