EQUAFLUX - Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation dampeners for suppressing surges of fluid pressure at pump outlet

Pulsation dampeners - Equaflux

EQUAFLUX automatic diaphragm pulsation dampeners are driven by compressed air and feature high performance and resistance. EQUAFLUX dampeners should be installed on the discharge line of pneumatic diaphragm pumps. They are aimed at reducing liquid pulsations. Moreover, they can be applied to liquids with viscosity of up to 50,000 cPs (at 20° C), as well as with those containing suspended solids of considerable size.

EQUAFLUX pulsation dampeners automatically adapt to conditions of equipment operation and do not require any manual adjustment or calibration. Increased ability to reduce pulsations, vibrations and hydraulic impact provides protection by adjusting and stabilizing the flow at the outlet.

A huge choice of construction materials allows selection of optimum chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or environment without neglecting the temperature range. 

Dampeners are also available for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX certification).


  • Automatically adjust to the required head and capacity;
  • No pre-charge;
  • No manual adjustment;
  • Less number of surges brought about by water;
  • Minimum vibration;
  • Protected sequenced equipment.