Pumps for humate

DEBEM pumps are capable of pumping humates.

Company DEBEM (Italy), is ready to deliver pumps for humate according to your task. DEBEM is a leading manufacturer of chemical pumps for humate. With experience in the production of industrial chemical pumps since 1982.

Pumps for pumping humate mixtures, our company offers membrane pneumatic pumps BOXER from PVDF material. In the manufacture of humate using concentrated solutions of alkalis, therefore, we need pumps with a flowing part of PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride (fluoroplastic).

BOXER diaphragm pumps suitable for pumping high viscosity humate up to 50,000 cps, which contain particulate matter.

Мембранные насосы - BOXER для гумата

Diaphragm pumps - BOXER for humate

Мешалки и миксеры для гумата

Мешалки и миксеры для гумата

DEBEM pumps for humate