DEBEM is a supplier of industrial chemical pumping equipment. DEBEM offers a large number of accessories for pumping equipment. DEBEM pumps come as a complete set, but to enhance the pump's functions and capabilities, pump accessories must be used.

Accessories for DEBEM pumps

  • Air supply regulator for BOXER and barrel TR with pneumatic actuator;
  • The cart under the pump BOXER;
  • Pre-filter for the BOXER, DM and MB series pumps;
  • Flange connection for pumping equipment of the BOXER, DM, IM and MB series;
  • Cycle counter to BOXER and FOODBOXER;
  • Pulse counter;
  • Flowmeter for the barrel pump TR;
  • Pump intake valve;
  • Valve for pneumatic actuator;
  • Solenoid cut-off valve (cut-off) for pneumatic pumps;
  • Vibration elimination stands for BOXER pumps;
  • Handgun gun;
  • Filter for IM submersible pumps;
  • Intake Filter for TR Pump Side Pumps;
  • Reinforced hoses;
  • Coupling sleeve.

With these accessories, the operation of the chemical pump will be simple and easy, making it easier to operate.