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OOO "VIKAQUA" - the company is a supplier of pneumatic diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps, and other industrial equipment.

OOO "VIKAQUA" the representative of the factory DEBEM SRL in Ukraine.

DEBEM is a leading manufacturer of chemical pumps for various industrial applications. With experience in the production of industrial chemical pumps since 1982. DEBEM is an innovative company specializing in the manufacture of industrial pumps for pumping highly corrosive and aggressive media.

The company philosophy is based on close cooperation with the end user and establishing a highly-effective technological design, development and provision system for products and services that has won the approval of an increasing number of customers in various sectors.

Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (SEC) for pumps DEBEM (Italy)

Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (SEC) for pumps DEBEM (Italy)

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Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (SEC) for pumps DEBEM (Italy)

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Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (SEC) for pumps DEBEM (Italy)

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Quality Management System

Quality Management SystemThe Certified Quality Management System is the primary tool used by the company management in establishing the Corporate Quality Policy, aimed at full satisfaction of the Client's objectives and demonstration of the ability to provide products that meet the lawful damands of the Customer.

Consequently, the establishment of corporate quality management system is seen as a way to give an objective analysis of the company, both external and internal, with a view to its continuous progression, and provide firm guarantees of reliability, accuracy and quality for customers in general.

The aim of the company's personnel is based on collaborative efforts to meet customer demands. The basic concern is to make the customer satisfied. Futhermore, the efforts are aimed at strengthening relations with the existing customers and finding the new ones by offering systems that are actually demanded on the market.

The joint efforts of our various departments are focused on ensuring customers’ needs in DEBEM products. Moreover, advanced technologies' breakthroughs completed by everyday improvements imply corporate mentality and organization alterations.
Strong motivation to provide continuous improvement stems from the knowledge that the survival and success of the company depend on achieving better results than those that are shown by competitors.

ATEX Compliance

Debem pumps are certified by TUV NORD and are designed in accordance with documentation. BOXER and CUBIC diaphragm pneumatic pumps, and also EQUAFLUX automatic diaphragm pulsation dampeners, which are described in the table below, have been issued with ATEX certification in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC.

In the standard version, these pumps are produced according to the certification class II 3/3 GD c IIB T 135 °C or by customer order using special construction materials according to the certification class II 2/2 GD c IIB T 135 °C.

The consumer is responsible for the correct operation. On the other hand, the manufacturer should determine the classification class of the equipment.

Production Range Description Certification Class

Standard version:


Constructed of non-conductive plastic and / or with the central non-conductive housing, or of metallic material with a non-conductive central housing.

II 3/3G D IIB T 135°C 
(Ex Zone 2)

Guarded construction:


The housings and the header pipe are constructed of standard materials (PP + carbon fiber, polyvinylidene fluoride / ethylene - chloro - trifluoroethylene) supplemented with conductive plastic or metallic materials (aluminum and stainless steel)

II 2/2GD c IIB T 135°C 
(Ex Zone 1)

Safety marking in compliance with DIN 40012, Appendix А

  • II 2/2 GD: equipment for open working in areas, where in normal operation conditions from time to time there appear gases, fumes and clouds of combustible dust in the air (EN 1127-1 sub-6.3), both outside and inside.
  • II 3/3 GD: equipment for open working in areas, where in normal operation conditions gases, fumes and clouds of combustible dust do not appear or can appear in the air for a short period of time (EN 1127-1 sub-6.3), both outside and inside.
  • c: The structural safety of the equipment with safety elements in its structure (EN 13463-5)
  • IIB: There excludes the use of the following substances: hydrogen, acetylene, carbon disulfide.
  • T 135°: Use temperature limit. The consumer should work with fluids at the temperature that corresponds to this classification, taking into consideration relevant manuals and current legislation. The consumer should also consider the ignition temperature of gases and vapors of combustible dust in the areas, where the equipment is used.