Aluminum hydroxide pumps

Pumps for aluminum hydroxide from the company  DEBEM (Italy).

DEBEM chemical pumps are capable of pumping aluminum hydroxide. DEBEM pumps for aluminum hydroxide come in five versions: centrifugal pumps with MB series seals, sealed pumps with magnetic coupling of the DM series and pneumatic diaphragm pumps of the CUBIC and BOXER series, vertical semi-submersible pumps of the IM series, barrel pumps of the TR series.

Chemical resistance of materials to aluminum hydroxide.Химическая стойкость материалов к гидроксиду алюминия

DEBEM aluminum hydroxide pumps

Пневматические насосы - CUBIC

Pneumatic pumps- CUBIC

Мембранные насосы - BOXER

Diaphragm pumps - BOXER

Центробежные насосы - MB

Centrifugal pumps - MB

Насосы с магнитной муфтой - DM

Magnetic Clutch Pumps- DM

Вертикальные насосы - IM

Vertical pumps - IM

Бочковые насосы - TR

Drum pumps - TR