IM 80 Vertical Pump

IM 80 Vertical Pump

IM 80 Vertical Centrifugal Chemical Pump

  • Pump capacity: up to 6 m³/hour
  • Max. discharge head: up to 7,2 m
  • Available in: PP – PVDF
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The Vertical Centrifugal Pump IM 80 allows the transfer of chemically active liquids, including contaminated ones. The pump part is immersed in a container with liquid, and the engine with the stove remain outside. Depth of immersion ranges from 250 to 800 mm.


  • Pump capacity up to 6 m3/hour;
  • No welded connections;
  • Pumping liquids insoluble particles with diameter of up to 7 mm;
  • Used for transferal of very contaminated liquids;
  • Available without a motor, fully removable;
  • Motor replacement without motor to be disassembled;
  • Easy maintenance and parts replacement.


IM 80 Chemical Vertical Centrifugal Pump


Inlet opening G 1 1/2” f
Outlet opening G 1” m
Max. flow rate m3/hour
Max. discharge head 7.2 m
Seals TL - TS
Motor capacity 0.37 kW - 0.5 HP
Type of motor IP55 - class F - 2 poles
230/400В 50 Hz - 3~ 2900 r/min
Max. diameter of solid particles 7 mm
Max. viscosity 500 cPs
Constructing material PP PVDF
Max. temperature 65 °C 95 °C
Weight (with column L=250 mm.): 14.5 kg 15.0 kg
Weight (with column L=500 mm.): 15.5 kg 16.0 kg
Weight (with column L=800 mm.): 18.5 kg 19.0 kg