Nitric acid pumps

Pumps for nitric acid from the company DEBEM (Italy).

DEBEM PVDF chemical pumps are capable of pumping nitric acid. DEBEM pumps for nitric acid come in five options: centrifugal pumps with seals of the MB series, hermetic pumps with magnetic coupling of the DM series and pneumatic diaphragm pumps of the CUBIC and BOXER series, vertical semi-immersible pumps of the IM series, barrel pumps of the TR series.
When choosing pumps for nitric acid, one should keep in mind that this is an aggressive medium and, depending on its concentration and temperature, is more or less resistant to various materials used in pumping equipment.

Chemical resistance of materials to nitric acid.

Химическая стойкость материалов к азотной кислоте.

Pneumatic pumps - CUBIC

Мембранные насосы - BOXER

Diaphragm pumps - BOXER

Центробежные насосы - MB

Centrifugal pumps - MB

Насосы с магнитной муфтой - DM

Magnetic Clutch Pumps - DM

Вертикальные насосы - IM

Vertical pumps - IM

Бочковые насосы - TR

Drum pumps - TR