Pumps for polymers

Chemical pumps DEBEM are able to pump liquid and dense polymers.

Company DEBEM (Italy), is ready to put on your task pumps for pumping of polymers. DEBEM is a leading manufacturer of chemical pumps. With the experience of producing industrial chemical pumps since 1982.

Chemical pumps DEBEM for liquid polymers:


Пневматические насосы - CUBIC

Pneumatic pumps- CUBIC

Центробежные насосы - MB

Centrifugal pumps - MB

Насосы с магнитной муфтой - DM

Pumps with a magnetic coupling - DM

Вертикальные насосы - IM

Vertical pumps- IM

Бочковые насосы - TR

 Barrel pumps- TR

DEBEM Chemical Pumps for Dense Polymers:

Мембранные насосы - BOXER

Diaphragm pumps - BOXER

Перистальтические насосы - MP

Peristaltic pumps- MP