Spare parts for pumps IM

Spare parts for pumps IM

The need to purchase spare parts for IM pumps may arise in the case of long-term operation of the vertical pump. Also, the duration of operation is affected by the characteristics of the liquid (temperature, the presence of suspended particles, density and viscosity), the load of the pump, and the hydraulic characteristics of the system, dry running, etc.

You can buy a repair kit for an IM pump very quickly and efficiently, simply by contacting our specialists.

Spare parts for IM pumps:

  • flange;
  • vertical pump housing IM PP or PVDF;
  • impeller (open type), made of polypropylene or polyvinylidene fluoride;
  • sleeve;
  • steel shaft;
  • a shaft cover to the IM pump in PP or PVDF design.

All spare parts are selected individually, in accordance with the pump model.

Spare parts for pumps IM 80, IM 90, IM 95, IM 110, IM 120, IM 130, IM 140, IM 150, IM 155, IM 160, IM 180, IM 200.