CUBIC - Pneumatic Pumps


Cubic pneumatic pumps are characterized by exceptional capacity, power and strength, which makes them ideal for pumping liquids with very high apparent viscosity up to 20 000 cPs (at 20°C), even if these liquids contain suspended solids.

Such characteristics as self-priming dry capacity with considerable suction head, even when the pump is not full, fine-tuning of speed without pressure loss, flow and head adjustment, and the possibility of sustained operation without overload and damage make these pumps multi-operated. In addition, a huge choice of construction materials allows selecting optimum chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or environment without neglecting temperature range.

They are specifically designed for demanding applications with high humidity or potentially explosive environments (ATEX certification).


Main features

  • Available in PP, ECTFE;
  • Used in potentially-explosive environments (ATEX certification);
  • Suitable for severe conditions and high-humidity environments;
  • Dry operation  is allowed;
  • Dry start-up;
  • No need in air compressor;
  • Adjustable flow rate and discharge head;
  • Fine-tuning of motor speed at constant pressure;
  • Twin-manifold option (two inlet and two outlet openings);
  • Ground or wall installation;
  • Three inlet and three outlet nozzles;
  • Easy maintenance and parts replacement;
  • Excellent performance.


Mini diaphragm pumps consist of a centrally-housed pneumatic exchanger and the LONG LIFE diaphragms fitted to the shaft. There are also valves and corresponding seats of product inlet and outlet nozzles installed at the two ends of the pump housing.

Max. Viscosities 

Pump Model Max. Viscosity Expressed in CPS Percentage of Flowrate Decrease with Max.Viscosities
Midgetbox 600-800 60%
Cubic 15 10000-15000 80%

CUBIC Air-operated Double Diaphragm Pumps