DEBEM Diaphragms

Diaphragms are the components that are greatly subjected to exposure and stress during suction and pumping, when they must also withstand the liquid’s chemical attack and temperature. 

Therefore, correct selection determines diaphragm service life, maintenance costs, and investment decisions. 
A modern design, destructive testing, and careful analysis of results have enabled DEBEM to develop a new generation of diaphragms called LONG LIFE. The structure, the profile, a greater working surface, and the improved load redistribution of these products result in reducing construction material stress and yield to a minimum.


The diaphragms are made of rubber compounds with special additives that improve chemical properties as well as mechanical bending and strength characteristics. There is also a nylon backing cloth that improves stress distribution:

NBR: inexpensive and particularly suited for pumping oil-based liquids; 
EPDM: good acid, alkaline and abrasion resistance, as well as good flexibility even at low temperatures.


DEBEM PTFE diaphragms are made of thermoplastic polymers that ensure excellent resistance to stress and its optimal distribution.

HYTREL: good abrasion resistance; can be used in food industry;
SANTOPRENE: excellent acid and alkalis resistance, high bending strength and good abrasion resistance.


PTFE is known for its excellent resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and corrosive agents. DEBEM PTFE diaphragms are subjected to a double heat treatment in order to increase elasticity and service life. Each batch of diaphragms  undergoes destructive testing in order to verify its performance.
This type of diaphragms can be integrated with those  previously mentioned in order to increase resistance to the liquid’s corrosive chemicals and high temperature.